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3ds Max Tutorials

3ds Max » Animation — about 10 years ago
Shows you how to create a 2-legged spider - we create the bones rig, IKs, create the mesh, add the skin modifier, and add keyframes so the legs move.
3ds Max » Animation — over 6 years ago
In this video tutorial, you will learn how you can creates the shapes of wires using PFlow in 3ds Max. This technique will helps you in achieving different and artistic results
3ds Max » Animation — over 8 years ago
Being creative with the dynamic systems in our 3D applications can produce stunning, exciting and elegant results. In this tutorial, Sachin Joshi walks us through one such example using Particle Flow in 3Ds Max, showing us how to assemble and disassemble objects within your scene.
3ds Max » Animation — almost 5 years ago
Use the 3ds Max Cloth modifier to make flag animations. Learn to use Gravity and Wind to make your animation look right. Use the viewport to run the animation, or export a quality rendering.
3ds Max » Lighting — almost 7 years ago
In this tutorial you will learn the different aspects of VRay sun, creating a broad daylight and a nightshot for the same scene
3ds Max » Lighting — about 11 years ago
Simple light setup in radiosity. In this tutorial you will know simple calculation to set how much light needed in a scene. For Beginner
3ds Max » Lighting — over 11 years ago
Understand how IES lights works with the help of small and sweet tutorial
3ds Max » Animation — about 5 years ago
In the third chapter we will learn how to create the leg bones and how to mirror a joint chain. Selecting the joint position of the legs are important and While mirroring there are certain things that we have to maintain, here we will learn about them.
3ds Max » Animation — over 10 years ago
Create sunset at the sea animation using 3dsmax. Also making ocean wave ripple effect. Detailed step by step tutorial.
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