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3ds Max Tutorials

3ds Max » Modeling — about 10 years ago
A tutorial on how to properly cut holes into geometry.
3ds Max » Modeling — over 11 years ago
Model, Texture and Render a Photorealistic Kitchen in Blender and Yafaray
3ds Max » Advanced Concepts — almost 7 years ago
Learn how to model a realistic 3d diamond using 3d studio max 2012 with mental ray advanced techniques
3ds Max » Animation — over 10 years ago
a 20 minute in depth intermediate tutorial on how to create a nuclear explosion in 3ds max 4 and onwards without additional plugins.
3ds Max » Modeling — over 9 years ago
Today we bring you day 2 of the ‘Mini Semi Truck” tutorials series by Cgtuts+ Co-Editor Ben Tate. In today’s post we’ll continue to block out and detail the truck model by adding the front grill, bumper, headlights and gas tank, as well as the main exhaust pipe sections.
3ds Max » Modeling — about 10 years ago
Sascha Henrichs brings us another great 3ds Max tutorial this week, where we look at using Patch grids to model dunes.
3ds Max » Modeling — almost 11 years ago
This tutorial requires user with at least small experience in 3dsMax and knowledge of poly and spline modeling.
3ds Max » Rendering — almost 10 years ago
Setup the scene, create the different materials of same product and render the same and explained with video tutorial too.
3ds Max » Modeling — about 13 years ago
Binah was a difficult and long time consumming project. It was a great challenge for me, technically and artistically. Binah is the third sephirah of the tree of life in cabbala.
3ds Max » Modeling — over 12 years ago
This is a really nice way to create a cool looking Black IPod. It will look great on your wallpaper or in your sceene.
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