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3ds Max Tutorials

3ds Max » Animation — over 6 years ago
Hi! In this tutorial, we are going to create an advance and automated expression based dynamic rig setup of a Prince of Persia game-like saw blade in 3ds max. The rig is fully controllable and the movement of the saw is controlled by a float expression controller using some math. I recommend some basic knowledge of Animation Controllers before getting into this tutorial.
3ds Max » Animation — over 10 years ago
Creating cloth animation for table cover using Garment Maker and Cloth modifier in 3dsmax. Also how to model realistic table cloth cover
3ds Max » Animation — over 5 years ago
In the third chapter we will learn how to create the leg bones and how to mirror a joint chain. Selecting the joint position of the legs are important and While mirroring there are certain things that we have to maintain, here we will learn about them.
3ds Max » Animation — over 7 years ago
Hi all, This is the very first chapter of the rigging tutorial in 3d max. In this tutorial we will learn how to create a ready to animate character rig in 3d max. To rig the character we are going to use the bone system in max. In the first chapter we will learn how easily we can create the spine bone with few clicks in max. Hope you will enjoy the technique.
3ds Max » Animation — over 5 years ago
Welcome to 11th chapter of rigging in Autodesk 3Ds Max. In this chapter we will specifically concentrate on how to create an IK-FK switch in 3ds Max. This chapter is divided in to two parts and very essential for character rigging
3ds Max » Animation — over 5 years ago
This is the second part of the previous chapter of Rigging in 3Ds Max. Continuing from the last chapter we will learn how to add a controller with the IK-FK system we created in the last chapter. You should have the knowledge of reaction manager in 3Ds Max before you go through this chapter. Hope you will enjoy this.
3ds Max » Animation — over 9 years ago
In this two part tutorial, you will learn how to create an energy drink can in 3ds Max using poly modeling and splines, and then export your mesh to Wirefusion and add a user interface wich will allow you to move, zoom and rotate your can in real time, and finally create a feature that will allow anyone to change the texture of the can from their own computer.
3ds Max » Animation — almost 12 years ago
This tutorial will explore one of the many functions of Reactor in 3DS Max, which is a powerful tool that lets us simulate various real-life physics so that we can, for example, simulate physical behaviours such as wind, wheels and motors.
3ds Max » Animation — over 8 years ago
Newton's cradle (also known as Newton's balls) is a device to shows the law of conservation of momentum and energy via a series of swinging spheres. In this tutorial I want to show you how to simulate this effect by reactor in 3D Studio Max.
3ds Max » Basics — over 9 years ago
If you love typography like I do, you are always looking for a new way to funk out your type. You will learn some amazing and creative ways to make your type look absolutely beautiful!
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