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Photoshop: Design an attractive and clean web button

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Photoshop » Buttons — over 11 years ago
By no doubt, one of the most important factors of a website is the navigation and ease of. This is normally made of groups made with links and buttons, which you generally want to be seen quite easily. So we will be learning how to create a clean and attractable web button that will stand out and make your navigation much more interesting.


avatarTheUnknown over 11 years ago

Nice tutorial, the outcome is really simple, but has a nice proffesional look to it. Just adding a 3D look to this i think could really add to the piece. Anyhow, nice tutorial it was easy to follow. Good job.

avatarMyTutz over 11 years ago

easy tut Jye, I like your tutz man. thank for sharing

avatarJye over 11 years ago

Thank you for the comments Unknown and MyTutz.

I agree with you on the 3D look Unknown, which can be achieved slightly by tweaking the Bevel and Emboss Settings. If you read some of my 3D tutorials you could use that method to add a 3D effect.

MyTutz, i attempt to create the tuts in easy to follow form so that any user can follow regardless of their skill level.

  • Jye
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