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CSS: Three column layout in less than ten lines of CSS

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CSS » Fluid Layouts — almost 12 years ago
Full cross browser friendly and absolutely NO CSS hacks!! *Any column height determines the overall height of the layout. *Fluid layout and wont break under browser font size changes. *Column colors and center cell color can differ. *Column colors and center cell color can extend to the full height of the layout.


avatarellisgl almost 12 years ago

Compounding statements into one line shouldn't be counted as a single line. It's more along the lines of 30 lines..

avatardevinrayolsen almost 12 years ago

ellisgl true, I guess. I was looking at the rules point of view and not the styles. There are less than 10 CSS rules to accomplish this layout.

avatarellisgl almost 12 years ago

Yes - less rules is a lot better. Sorry for being so darned picky. =)

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