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Photoshop: 3D shining text

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Photoshop » Text Effects — almost 10 years ago
Draw 3D Shining Text in Photoshop.


avatarN1Film almost 10 years ago

Perfect !!! I 've been looking for this tutorial for a long time . Thanks bro , I will try to do it now . http://n1film.free.fr/

avatarshaft almost 10 years ago

enjoy :)

avatardirtynrg almost 10 years ago

too cool ;> ! can u tell me what font u used ?

avatarshaft almost 10 years ago

Font is Pirulen. http://www.dafont.com/pirulen.font

avatarshaft over 9 years ago


avatarshaft over 9 years ago


avatarshaft over 9 years ago

more text tutorials coming!!!

avatarshaft over 9 years ago

each week at least one text tutorial...

avatarmbusch77 over 9 years ago

Shaft. Thanks for what you do. You're teaching me a lot. Can you tell me something? In the tutorial, for the "Colorful text logo" you use a Custom shape that looks like the Japanese flag. How did you do that? Did you already have it saved as a custom shape? I can't replicate it to look like yours exactly. How could I get that symbol?

Thanks, Matt

avatarshaft over 9 years ago

Yes, that shape is custom shape and is placed in Custom Shapes Tool as Registration Target 2.

avatara2523 over 9 years ago

Shaft, thanks for this tutorial, It's exactly what I was looking for. However, your instructions are difficult to follow: "Step 5 First layer who's now inside of second layer, select and trim second layer." ---------------->Trim where, how? the only place where I found trim is under IMAGE, and what it does is trim the Image canvas. Please help me understand all the steps... thank you again

avatarshaft over 9 years ago

Make sure that you duplicated text layer

avatarhyhylol over 9 years ago

Thanks for this great tutorial, but I still do not understand step 5.

Where is the function trim? I did duplicate the layer and added stroke to it. But like a2523, I could only find a trim function which cuts the canvas.

I have no idea how to select the content in layer 1 and delete it in layer 2.

Can you enlighten me? I am using CS4 by the way.

avatarhyhylol over 9 years ago

ok never mind, I tried another method to delete the inner part. Thanks anyway for the nice tutorial

avatarfungaltrusty about 2 years ago


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