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Flash: Build a jigsaw puzzle game in Flash

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Flash » Interactivity — almost 12 years ago
Don't let your website go to pieces. Design a custom flash puzzle game and encourage visitors to have a bit of fun.


avatardave_aitch almost 12 years ago

Here we'll learn how to make a Flash jigsaw puzzle game using any artwork you prefer. It is fun, easy, and best of all it’s extendable! This tutorial will show you how to use Flash 8’s filters to make realistic puzzle pieces without using Photoshop effects. This will save you tons of time because you don’t have to render the effects in Photoshop and export each individual piece separately. You will learn how to make the puzzle pieces by masking the artwork, and then applying the Drop Shadow and Bevel filters. The benefit of this approach is you can change the puzzle artwork instantly by replacing the artwork PNG file. The puzzle pieces are randomly placed on the right-hand side and are draggable. As soon the player put it in the proper target (invisible movie clip), it will snap to the right position. When the puzzle is completed, it displays an animation and a button will appear that allows the browser to play again.

avatarShinu about 10 years ago

hey sorry to say but your tutorial is not working. It takes me to blank page which shows error. It will be great if you sumbmit your tutorial again thanks

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