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Flash: Build a retro-styled GUI with keyboard controls

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Flash » Navigation — about 10 years ago
How to create a retro microsite that uses key based commands to navigate


avatardave_aitch about 10 years ago

If you started computing way back in the late Eighties/early Nineties before Windows was mainstream like I did, you would have more than likely been programming on a UNIX or even a VAX interface. This tutorial brings back a lot of memories of my first computing job where I was a database programmer working on a VAX using key commands – in those days, there wasn’t a mouse to be seen throughout the studio. So we are going way back to when Acid House hit the music scene and Margaret Thatcher introduced the poll tax in order to give you young upstarts a look at what we used to work with. This tutorial will show you how to implement a keyboard-controlled interface and also control video as well, which you weren’t able to do way back in 1989. The ActionScript will actually be timeline-based because this is not a code-heavy tutorial. Right, let’s get started before I actually start getting depressed about how old I am.

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