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Flash: Create a 3D interface scene in Swift 3D (Part 1)

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Flash » Animation — about 10 years ago
We show you how to get up and running using swift 3D to prepare an interactive 3D Scene for use in Flash


avatardave_aitch about 10 years ago

Creating 3D interfaces within Flash is a fairly tricky task for even the most competent ActionScript coder. We are going to dabble in Papervision3D to create an interface, but this time we are going to feature Swift 3D, a low-cost 3D modelling package specifically aimed at Flash. Swift can output model files to Papervision and also sets up the basic code to get the model into a scene. We will concentrate on setting up the scene this month with textures and cameras, then next month we will play with the output files in Flash and add interactivity, turning our basic model scene into an interactive 3D interface.

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