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Flash: Create a portfolio app for your site with AS3

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Flash » Actionscript — almost 10 years ago
Kick start your creative career by putting your work online with this easy to use portfolio application which utilizes the speed of actionscript 3.0


avatardave_aitch almost 10 years ago

It is essential for those working in the creative industry to have a portfolio to show off their talents. This tutorial focuses on building a website that is easy to keep up to date. This ActionScript 3.0 Flash portfolio loads all the external content from an XML file so once the Flash file is up and published, there is no need to keep changing it. Instead, you’ll just have to add new entries into the XML file and add new thumbnails and images to your project. The interface is fairly generic so it should be useful for a variety of different uses, but with a minimum of Flash knowledge you should be able to skin this design to suit your own portfolio needs.

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