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Illustrator: Expert Designer Shares Her Graphic Design Process

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Illustrator » Logos and Icons — over 12 years ago
A great tutorial to guide you through a master graphic designer's own creative logo design process, from start to finish. She goes through her communication with the customer, how to conceptualize and brainstorm, and much more.


avatarChrisDaemon over 12 years ago

I do not see the expert or master designer in this article, hard to say without bio. Experienced? Yes. Qualified? Absolutely. The CORRESPONDENCE is necessary, but she should have noted that MARKETING SPEAK will NOT do. The Client's babble may as well talk about a high-rent outlet for Crock sandals. The rest is standard, what I would teach first class at Design for Money 101. To note, current/previous material is the most important step. Also cuts your time if you steal it, erm, repurpose it. Step 2., do NOT go to the computer and design away and write first, step 3. GO to the computer and skip sketching on paper. I would do it the other way around, but that's her preference.

Her portfolio is worth looking at -- if you can ignore the marketing hype. I would have liked the article to show/explain the process of the Kick line of marketing products, but the logo will do. As an expert, I sure hope the 13 designs on her site are not the only ones.

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