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Photoshop: RSS Icon Photoshop Tutorial - using Shapes for Scalability, to the MAX!

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Photoshop » Web Graphics — almost 13 years ago
Need a need RSS Icon for your blog? Here's a nice short tutorial on how to make a unique and memorable RSS Icon by manipulating Shapes in Photoshop. This comes with the added bonus of allowing you to scale your RSS icon to fit your website!


avatarmintyferret almost 13 years ago

Woah, you guys are really rating this terrible?

The finished icon is polished and fine, and there's a lot of pen tool usage (plus info on how to use add/subtract). There's even a bit on how to make the RSS icon without painstaking tracing easily, using a bullet. The entire icon is scalable meaning there are no raster parts. It's well explained and illustrated.

If this is a terrible, what on earth are you looking for?

avatarphotoshoptutorials almost 13 years ago

Your tutorial is well written and one of the better tutorials. Did you get a 1/5 rating? It's not the first time I've seen good tutorials with a 1/5 rating.

avatarmintyferret almost 13 years ago

Yes, the first mod did rate it a 1/5, I've seen a few before (or at least the ones that made it to the front page) get a low rating when they really should've deserve higher. Tried to bump em up but I personally don't think they should have been rated that low in the first place!

Only reason I can think of is that perhaps the mod wasn't familiar with what an RSS icon was, or they were trying to stamp out competition for their own site. Whatever the case, thanks for the compliment! :)

avatarever dying almost 13 years ago

I think you could have done even better.. You should have told us the colors.. The rest of it is actually pretty good, very nice outcome..! However, RSS icons are a bit overdone.. Way too much tutorials for that..

avatarholman (administrator and creator)almost 13 years ago

That's why we have multiple moderators.

avatarmintyferret almost 13 years ago

Ever Dying - thanks for the feedback! You're right, I don't usually include the exact colours for my tuts and I'll consider adding it in next time. I know there are a lot of RSS tuts out there, but I hoped this would be one of the more unique ones due to it's shape, plus the usage of a pre-existing Photoshop shape to get the icon part.

Zach - For which I am grateful! But yet, there have been a few tuts I've seen that were GOOD, but had to be submitted twice to make it to the front because they had a few mods who rated them down when it should've been much higher. More and more I'm thinking there might be some less-than-ethical mods who try to stamp out competition for their own tut site ... is this something you actively look into?

avatarholman (administrator and creator)almost 13 years ago

Yes; I still remain quite hands-on with the moderation process, both in terms of moderators and in terms of ratings.

avatarpdBravo almost 13 years ago

I thought it was an excellent little tutorial, good explanation of shape techniques and use of the pen tool. Clever use of the custom shape. The colours weren't really important, it is what was done with them that mattered imo

The rating seems to have increased, a case of the cream rising to the top. Thanks to the author.

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