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Photoshop: Create Spot/Flashy lights

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Photoshop » Designing — about 10 years ago
Learn how to create the flashy stage lights that can effectively bring your product out.


avatarmichaelnovikov about 10 years ago

Guy, i put the wrong link in. I linked the tutorial to the main page, sorry. http://www.pstut.info/tutorials/the-spotlight-is-here/ if anybody can fix it, it'd be great.

If everything is correct then it must of been my error.

avatarEli about 10 years ago

Looking good. Was going to comment on the link, but I see you already did. Zach: Can you please sort this out when you see it? Cheers

avatarmichaelnovikov about 10 years ago

I don't know if i should report it or not...It has been fixed yet. However, hopefully it will be.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 10 years ago

Updated. In the future, please go into your account management page and request a URL update yourself- it'll get done much quicker that way.

avatarCleardetails about 10 years ago

Cool background, nice1 :D

avatarmichaelnovikov about 10 years ago

Thanks for the help Zach. Appreciate the comment Clear details, glad you like it :P.

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