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Photoshop: Red gamble dice icon

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Photoshop » Web Graphics — over 11 years ago
Whether you create web design for online casino, or just graphics for new game, icon of a red dice will be useful...


avatarCanonBlogger over 11 years ago

Neat but an awful lot of work for a cube...why not just use the 3D transform under the render filter in PS?

avatarupir over 11 years ago

I like when I have control over the result, and this way the icon is still from vector layers - this is always useful.

By the way, next tutorial will be about adding the christmas ribbon to this cube, stay tuned ;) http://www.grafika.cz/images4/xmas_gift_ribbon_32.jpg

avatarupir over 11 years ago

I´m little bit confused with the rating. Please - if you really think this tutorial is "terrible", write me reason why, so I can improve it...

avatarCleardetails over 11 years ago

nice tutorial upir, mods need to stop hating.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 11 years ago

The tutorial made the front page, so the ratings would point to being good for this then.

avatarspiculessystem almost 3 years ago


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