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Photoshop: Man in Fire

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Photoshop » Photo Effects — over 12 years ago
Human touch!!! Making fire around you


avatarbountyhunter over 12 years ago

Why the 1st moderator score this tutorial 1 point? Is it Xtremely bad and not worth reading?

avatarGPNS over 12 years ago

Dunno, i like it.

avatarCanonBlogger over 12 years ago

I like the effect here, but not sure how often I'd have need to put a man inside of fire. The same concepts of transforming objects into other backgrounds can be useful though. Nicely done here

avataragilius over 12 years ago

grate tutorial! I really like the outcome.

avatarciaika over 12 years ago

I like outcome too....

avatarbountyhunter over 12 years ago

Yeah, thank all for your supportive comments

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