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Photoshop: Beautiful Lady Effect

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Photoshop » Photo Effects — almost 13 years ago
Learn how to combine some brushes and color adjustment to make a beautiful lady effect


avatarzasul almost 13 years ago

How can anyone rate this with Terrible ? I am very confused.

avatarGPNS almost 13 years ago

Think that not everyone should be a mod:\ And- to the tutorial. Nice one, but brushes are most effective, so that's not splendid... [decent]

avatarzasul almost 13 years ago

Agree not splendid but usefull and under not any situation Terrible.

avatarupir almost 13 years ago

looks like lot of any other signature-like tutorials (extract something, add brushes, smudge, recolorize, and it´s done), plus woman is extracted from background very inaccurate, but the result is still quite nice. Although the recoloring process can be created in only one step, not with so many gradient maps...

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