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Photoshop: Photoshop 4 Beginners: How to Blend Two Pictures

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Photoshop » Basics — almost 12 years ago
5 easy steps on how to blend two pictures for beginners


avatarmatadorqk almost 12 years ago

Lovely result, it actually looked really good, yet you did it in 5 steps. :)


avatarcozuni almost 12 years ago

thanks for your comment. im really happy it as this is my first tutorial..

avatarfillyt over 11 years ago

it didnt work for me.. all the gradient tool did was make my layer into a gradient from black to white

what am i doing wrong?

avatarcozuni over 11 years ago

i guess you used the gradient tool on the layer itself. You have to use the gradient tool on the layer mask. Make sure the layer mask is highlighted in your layer box instead of your layer.

Just click on the layer mask and start to use the gradient. HOpe it may help.

avatarfillyt over 11 years ago

ok, thank you, it works now

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