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Photoshop: Clouds tutorial with photoshop

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Photoshop » Drawing — about 11 years ago
Easier tutorial that show you how get clouds using only photoshop! The secret of it? Choose the right brush! see all tutorial here http://adriart.wordpress.com/2007/08/29/drawing-cloud-with-photoshop/#eng


avatarMentalTrans about 11 years ago

Great tutorial! Like how you have the tutorial in English & Italian.I'm part Italian and don't under stand a word. :D

avatarEli about 11 years ago

I advise you to put the English version at the top and the Italian version down the bottom, otherwise you'll lose a lot of english visitors after they scroll down a little bit and see it's in Italian - not knowing that there's an emglish version aswell.

Other than that I really like this, I think I left a comment on the tutorial already :)

avataradriart about 11 years ago

thank you so much eli! i was thinking about this choise..u convince to me! thanks a lot!

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