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Photoshop: JiGs Userbar Tutorial

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Photoshop » Designing — almost 11 years ago
re-entry coz of moved to a new host.


avatarGPNS almost 11 years ago

i think the good tutorial about userbars is needed here, but i say "good", it must be perfect, the best of all, and, cant miss anything

avatarJiGs almost 11 years ago

so you mean that my userbar tuts not good enough?

avatarGPNS almost 11 years ago

yeah, U have missed the step with font, this is important step too, the tutorial is uncomplete

avatarPs graphiX almost 11 years ago

and you can just update links...

avatarhello123456 almost 11 years ago

Very nice tut, i made my own for a forum

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