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PHP: How To Customize Wordpress

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PHP » Content Management Systems — over 13 years ago
How to customize WordPress. An introduction to WordPress, and the basics of customizing themes. Plus some tips for making your blog search engine friendly.


avatarzasul over 13 years ago

Wordpress is a blog not a CMS!

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 13 years ago

Well, ideally it's a blog, but plenty of people use it as a straight CMS, too. It definitely has the flexibility and expandability to do so.

avatarzasul over 13 years ago

Yes it can be used as a CMS but still the category under which is submitted on GT is wrong assuming people who would want to learn more about Worpress would check the Blog category if there is one :).

avatarjlaing over 13 years ago

There is no blog category. CMS is the closest category. Wouldn't you consider blog authoring software a subset of CMS software?

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