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Photoshop: Complete Windows Vista Header - Advanced

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Photoshop » Web Graphics — over 11 years ago
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Complete Windows Vista Website Header in Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial is a pretty long one, and requires basic knowledge of Photoshop before you try.


avatarGPNS over 11 years ago

U said that is advanced? No, it isn't. And that is one of the weakest Vista Style headers [decent]

avatarcomeandphotoshop over 11 years ago

advanced for someone who is only trying to learn photoshop

avatarzasul over 11 years ago

Agree... Its not really advanced.

avatarryne over 11 years ago

Be more detailed on your steps. Tell how much rounded size you want for the rectangle, text settings, etc. Just saying "Add text" or "Add Rectangle" isn't too helpful.

Other than that, it's a decent tutorial with a decent result. Not really Vista-like, but whatever gets you more hits works, eh? :D

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