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Photoshop: Create An Optical Illusion By Filling A Photo With More Photos

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Photoshop » Photo Effects — about 13 years ago
Create a bit of an optical illusion in Photoshop by making a larger photo appear to be made from many smaller photos inside it. Great for family photos, wedding photos, or just as a fun thing to do with your friends.


avatarCreator about 13 years ago

Very reminiscent of Warhol. I enjoyed this tutorial - the outcome is a very trendy effect and the steps were well explained and easy to follow. =]

avatarzasul about 13 years ago

Its identical with this : http://thejist.info/?p=201 !

avatarTrakoiram about 13 years ago


Normally I don't make or respond to comments, but since zasul seems to be making a public accusation of something, I have no choice but to respond. After reviewing the link posted in the above comment (a link to a website I'd never heard of until 2 minutes ago, which is in no way a reflection on the quality of the site itself), it is obvious that the final effect in both tutorials is similar. Similar, but not identical. And clearly, the tutorials themselves are not identical. Some of the steps are the same, since that's simply how the effect is best achieved, as anyone who's been using Photoshop for a while would know, but the tutorials themselves are in no way identical as zasul claims.

As mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial, I saw this effect used in a poster at a restaurant and thought it would be fun and easy to do in Photoshop. The effect itself has been around for decades, as indicated in the first comment posted above, and the fact that two out of the thousands of Photoshop tutorial sites on the internet posted similar tutorials on the same popular effect is coincidence, nothing more.

avatarGPNS about 13 years ago

That's bad that U don't make any responses ever; and zasul just made mistake, he don't call U "ripper" or something.


avatarTrakoiram about 13 years ago


Sorry that I don't post more comments. I do visit this site regularily, even when I'm not posting a tutorial myself, and I think this is a great website.

The comment by zasul, however, implies that my tutorial was "ripped" from another site, which it was not, and even if the comment was a mistake as you point out, the thousands of people each day who visit this site would still be reading that comment, and that's not right.

Anyway, I've said enough, and I still think this is a great site. Cheers!

avatarxiao about 13 years ago

I had the same idea as zasul. I'm not accusing anyone of anything. I'm just saying that there's already a tutorial like that in the database. A 2nd one isn't needed imo.

avatarGPNS about 13 years ago

xiao, there is much more tutorials similiar to others, not only these two, and one more time, these two aren't identical, so when any is ripped, then they can be two accepted. And so, this one is good tutorial anyway. i thing it could reach first page...

avatarCki about 13 years ago

I enjoyed the tutorial and appreciate Trakoiram making it available. If the mods are going to point out every tutorial that is the same or similar to others, you will be quite busy making those comments as there are quite a few related tutorials out there and at this site as well. If the tutorial has been accepted by good-tutorials then comments such as the mod made should not be put in the public view.

avatarradicalrom about 13 years ago

You will find most tutorials are some sort of similar to other ones out there on the web. I do not have a problem with new tutorials about the same subject.

Go do a seach for "Fire Text" on the major tutorial sites and you find a lot of different tutorials. Most of them are similar steps due to the fact that certain areas have to be done to accomplish a certain result.

As long as wording, pictures are not ripped from the other tutorial, I do not have a problem with new tutorials about the same subject. There are 2 main reasons I do not have a problem with the same subject covered. 1). Maybe the person never saw the first tutorial, so this is new to them. 2). Certain people have a knack for writing tutorials. I know personally there have been subjects that I could not follow, because it was poorly written. That is when I look for the second or third tutorial about the same subject.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 13 years ago

Straight from the source: I don't mind similar tutorials that much. There are some where it gets bothersome... signature tutorials with the same old effects come to mind, but if it's a relatively unique tutorial that someone has already touched upon, I'm fine with listing it as long as it's not a blatant rip, obviously. There are a lot of people who visit Good-Tutorials, but some don't come every day to see every new tutorial.

So you're right on the money, radicalrom. :)

avatardrdcha over 12 years ago

good work

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