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Photoshop: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Seal

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Photoshop » Buttons — over 13 years ago
Show your possible future customers that your product has 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Or whatever else you can think of ;)


avatarxiao over 13 years ago

Nice :-D

avataryourphotoshopguide over 13 years ago

cool :)

avatarEli over 13 years ago

Thanks for the nice comments. Odd how it was rated 4 now it's down to 2.9, I think someone likes rating things terrible.

Note how I'm a moderator and this is my site, I didn't rate the tutorial, but I believe it'll make it to the front page.

avatarGPNS over 13 years ago

Looks like best of seals ever, Eli;) and this style can be used on fonts (big and short texts) with good result [good]

avatarwordedwrong over 13 years ago

Eli, I agree some mods do love to rate terrible for no reason... I don't even know what to design to make this people happy lol.

Anyways watch this tutorial, same thing happened http://good-tutorials.com/tutorial/20687

avatarcomeandphotoshop over 13 years ago

Yeah, we should talk to Zach. He should look into people that rate all 0's.

avatarGPNS over 13 years ago

Comeandphotoshop, man, the low ratings was in moderators section and then was only ~10 clicks:| so... But if thing is touching the first page tutorials, it could be checked.. but i think there is no problem

avatarcomeandphotoshop over 13 years ago

Zach should still look into the people that rate low on purpose because they also have a tutorial site and don't want any competition.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 13 years ago

Trust me, I constantly am reviewing the moderation process. I do check up on abuses of power in the moderation queue, and remove users if they do cross the line. This made the front page, so things are fine.

avatartutorial01 over 13 years ago

I almost stopped submitting because of poor moderation by some.

It would be best to seek moderation without conflict of interest which is so hard.

avataryourphotoshopguide over 13 years ago

I personally feel that everyone (including me) is facing that problem. For example one of my tutorial was saved by 2 friends within the moderation process, and still it was not in the front page. Secondly every moderator is able to rate every content whether he/she knows about that thing or not. For example, I dont know the a b c of programming but I am able to rate the Ruby tutorials too.

avatardrdcha almost 13 years ago

thank you man

nice work

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