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Photoshop: Scary signboard "Welcome to Silent Hill"

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Photoshop » Effects — almost 13 years ago
Learn to create a signboard "Welcome to Silent Hill" (or wherever you want) in horror movies style.


avatarEli almost 13 years ago

You had better get your images working before people rate this tutorial. Good luck

avatarLoot almost 13 years ago

I've checked them right now, it seems ok to me. Can you tell me please what is wrong with the images?

avatarryne almost 13 years ago

The sign's text could look a little better, but other than that it is a solid tutorial.

avatarEli almost 13 years ago

Images were simply not showing up before, they are now though.

avataryourphotoshopguide almost 13 years ago

Good effort and well explained.

avatarGPNS almost 13 years ago

The wood looks really realistic, but text and bckgrnd... that was not a tutorial to "how to make board", but a signboard... but whatever, i like it, [good]

avatarMentalTrans almost 13 years ago

Try a different font,some like a destory/paint font.Also use the burn tool (with a round brush) to make wood knots.

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