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Photoshop: Create A Fun, Easy Gel Text Effect With Layer Styles

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Photoshop » Text Effects — over 11 years ago
Learn how to use layer styles to easily create a fun gel text effect in Photoshop, then save it as a preset style that you can select instantly whenever you need it.


avatarEli over 11 years ago

It's a pretty nice outcome, but overused neverthless. The thing here that annoys me is you have 10 pages for this tutorial... when one of your tutorials makes it to G-T you must get a lot of pageviews :)

avatarTrakoiram over 11 years ago

Hey there,

Well, I try to write tutorials so that even people who are just starting out with Photoshop can follow along, which means I try to list every step and include as many screenshots as possible so there's no confusion. I split them up across several pages for reasons that have nothing to do with page views. I find it easier to read a few steps and then click to the next page than to wear out my scroll wheel, plus not everyone has highspeed internet and shouldn't have to download every screenshot just to see if they're even interested in the tutorial.

So, I write them the way I do because I think it's the best way to do it. Plus, you know, they're free. :)

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