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Photography: Improve Your Digital Photo In 1 Second

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Photography » Basics — over 11 years ago
Easy trick to make your photo look better very fast.


avatarRum0 over 11 years ago

cant see?

avatarVanD over 11 years ago

If you use google's picasa, then you can do them same thing, but a little bit better by pressing "I'm Feeling Lucky"

avatarphotoshoptutorials over 11 years ago

It is a 1 second technique, but it's for overexposed photos. You can also press Ctrl+L to open the Levels tool and move the middle input slider towards the right instead.

avatarCelox over 11 years ago

That's another way to do it indeed. But if you press Ctrl+L it applies to the image and you can't adjust the levels later. Ofcourse you can go step(s) back but I rather use a Levels adjustment layer, this will give you the option to adjust the levels or any other adjustment layer for that matter.

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