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Photoshop: Photoshop for begginers 2 !

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Photoshop » Color — over 11 years ago
This is a continuation from photoshop for beginners 1 which teaches how to color the face . But this one teaches how to color the hair . It is my way of coloring it so yea XD just a tutorial enjoy XD long winded but i hope you can understand XD . Enjoy ~


avatarxupaosso over 11 years ago

The format for this tutorial is difficult to follow (several links and large images) and difficult to understand. I'm not quite sure what this tutorial is about, is it drawing a person - it's not technically a "beginners" tutorial.

avatarGPNS over 11 years ago

i like the 2nd part as first:) [good] i'm waiting for next parts:P

avatarmiratsuki over 11 years ago

Xupaosso : i had made it as simple , but maybe it is because you did not read the first part ??? i have to show it in large images or you would not get a clear view . because i notice that many people like to provide with medium images and you wont even know what is going on . this is why i did not resize my images and left it as it is. If it is not for beginners then what level is it at ?? o.0 ??? This tutorial is to teach how to color hair for the anime type not real people.

ragga : thank you ^^ i will do the next part when i am free ^^

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