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Photoshop: Fantasy Art tutorial - moon stone

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Photoshop » Photo Effects — about 13 years ago
Learn how to create a mysterious and very original fantasy art scene, constructed from a several images. You will be introduced to a several techniques of photo manipulation at once. Very detailed tutorial, which you can download in .zip folder to your computer for utmost convenience.


avatarTanz about 13 years ago

I don't think downloading the tutorial as an image in a zip really worked for me. Great tutorial none the less.

avatarEli about 13 years ago

I'm not sure the artistic nudity is a very good idea. But anyway.

avatarGPNS about 13 years ago

First: Need to correct Eli's comment:P it could be "I'm sure the artistic nudity is a very good idea";) i share Tanz's reprimands, is not good idea to make it like U made. Buf tutorial is rly [good]:)

avatarwordedwrong about 13 years ago

The final image looks nice, Not downloading anything. Good base on the image I guess.

avatarpirate about 13 years ago

I think its just a great piece of art and a well described tutorial, and nudity where is the nudity?I only see a naked male chest, dont see anything wrong with it, from my side: a very good tutorial

avatarEli about 13 years ago

Pirate: That's a girl :P

avatarLorelei almost 13 years ago

the fact that you guys think it's a boy only proves it's nothing outrageously adult. thanks for the feedback, wonderedwrong, i will bear that in mind!

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