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Photoshop: Industrial-Style Navigation Buttons

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Photoshop » Buttons — about 13 years ago
Learn how to make an industrial-style navigation button, well-suited for a clan template.


avatarwordedwrong about 13 years ago

Repetive, dull, what else did you say?

http://www.photoshopstar.com/web-graphics/industrial-gaming-header/ You just took some steps from that tutorial? lol I'm aware you wrote it.

avatarpeorthyr over 12 years ago

the result is nice, really, the only thing i should say is that you can much improve the explanations of effects you use, for example why use a color burn blend mode instead of multiply on the shadow of the button... rememeber that if i'm searching a tutorial i'm searching for somthing that explain me a way to work, not simply a "todo list" if improoved this tut could become a nice one.

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