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Photoshop: Graphic Design Studio Web Layout

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Photoshop » Web Layouts — about 13 years ago
A simple and professional design studio layout


avatarwordedwrong about 13 years ago

Quality wise its great but how you going to code that hehe? Also why do you keep using that trendy background? You know how big that file would be if you code it into your background........

avatarGPNS about 13 years ago

Nice, but i think U need to make it in flash with nice preloader....[;

avatarxupaosso about 13 years ago

Wow. I struggle to understand the first couple of comments here. This would be a cinch to code using structured CSS. The background file doesn't have to be big if you saved it as an optimized gif or jpg. And not to discourage flash fanboys out there, as flash is great for enhancing a site, but for real world application and search engine optimization, it is better to keep it in HTML. Why use a preloader when it can load instantly?

avatarnicks (moderator)about 13 years ago

You can preload it to make it load bit by bit, just as it would with HTML. I agree with the search engine part though.

avatarGPNS about 13 years ago

Xupaoso gradient in .gif? Bad idea:) And instantly loading for the heavy files with Internet connection speed lower than 512kb/s... In my villagy country their still exists xD

avatarwordedwrong about 13 years ago

I want to see this live. lol the wallpaper should take 5 minutes to load.

avatarwordedwrong about 13 years ago

and the outer glow around the whole structure... images images images

avatarjanek almost 13 years ago

Great, but the background is very hard to code.

avatardrdcha about 12 years ago

wow thanks man

avatargillnocturnal over 3 years ago


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