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Photoshop: Star Wars Wallpapers

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Photoshop » Drawing — over 13 years ago
We will learn how to create abstract wallpaper with stars.


avatarMentalTrans over 13 years ago

Nice tutorial! The whole time I was going through the tutorial I was thinking StarWars the movies.

avatarNocturnal over 13 years ago

After the first step do you have to create a new layer prior to createing the eight rays? You don't indicate this on the tutorial. It would be much more eaiser on newbies if you had indicated every single step instead of removing them or assuming we all know when to add a new layer. Also you don't indicate if the pen tool should be used with "shape layers" or "paths."

avatarGPNS over 13 years ago

Some deficiencies, as Nocturnal said but i like it:) [good]

avatarwordedwrong over 13 years ago

Nocturnal I know how you feel, I hate those type of tutorials. I hated this one from reading the first step haha. Anyways yes you have to create a new layer for every ray cause you have to apply a custom "layer styles" for each ray which is found on page 2.

To make the ray check "paths" using pen tool.

avatarNocturnal over 13 years ago

Thanks guys! I enjoy these tutorials but sometimes they need to be looked over to make sure they don't contain as many errors as most of them do. That's the reason why I normally just stop doing the tutorial outright - due to the errors where they don't indicate I need to do this or that. It's hard on us newbies.

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