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Photoshop: Tattered Scroll Navigation Bar

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Photoshop » Web Layouts — almost 14 years ago
Learn how to create a great burnt and tattered scroll navigation bar in this tutorial.


avatarwordedwrong almost 14 years ago

Terrible. It would have been better if you included steps on how to many a real scroll instead of using a stock photo.

avatarEli almost 14 years ago

And that makes it terrible?

avatarGPNS almost 14 years ago

[terrible] What have you done? Used some burning tool? Where is making a scroll? LOL pwn3t.... s0_l4m33eeeeee

avatarwordedwrong almost 14 years ago

Eli did you even visit the link? IMO not a lot of mods click the link, just base there ratings on the image icon.

avatarEli almost 14 years ago

Whatever your name is: I wrote the tutorial...

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