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JavaScript » Advanced Topics — 1 day ago — awaiting moderation
Step by step process for integrating YouTube videos without affecting the load time of website
JavaScript » Advanced Topics — 27 days ago — awaiting moderation
The long wait for Node.js Version 8.0 release finally ended on May 30 (12 PM PST), after a delay of almost a month. The new Node.js release brings a lot of new features and fixes for developers in order to significantly improve debugging and developer workflow.
Java » Basics — 29 days ago — awaiting moderation
Java programming language is sought by programmers all over the world because of its unique qualities of platform independence, fast development time, and object oriented approach among others. - See more at:
PHP » Database Interactions — 30 days ago — awaiting moderation
This tutorial describes most popular SQL commands and cheets.
PHP » Basics — about 1 month ago — awaiting moderation
Linux, a freely distributable, cross-platform operating system based on Unix, was first launched in 1991, after a Finnish student Linus Torvalds felt the need for a new free operating system kernel. Although the earlier versions of Linux were not user-friendly, its open-source aspect allowed it to become robust and popular over the years.
PHP » Object Oriented Programming — about 1 month ago — awaiting moderation
What is the SOLID-principles? According to Wikipedia's definition it's abbreviation of the five basic principles of design classes in object-oriented design: - Single responsibility - Open-closed - Liskov substitution - Interface segregation - Dependency inversion
JavaScript » Using Third Party Libraries — about 1 month ago — awaiting moderation
It often happens that a game-changing technology enters the tech market with a boom, but passes into extinction later. However, that’s certainly not the case with Node.js, which is an open source, cross-platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime.
CSS » Advanced Concepts — 2 months ago — awaiting moderation
Wire-frames are simple design presentation that show the placement of elements or data in a user interface and demonstrate the planned layout and working functionality of a project. It can be crafted on a scraps of paper or on a white board, or in a software program.
JavaScript » Accessibility — 3 months ago — awaiting moderation
We've All Seen the Fallout, but How Can Users Actually Implement Encrypted Email? One Great Place to Start is By Giving These Secure Email Providers a Look.
Java » Best Practices — 3 months ago — awaiting moderation
A plethora of tools is available in the tech market for automated testing of Java/J2EE applications. However, for this blog, I have winnowed down the long list of Java testing tools to the most used and popular ones, based on the reviews of some Java developers I recently talked to.
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