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Bucketload of smaller updates

Posted almost 14 years ago

I just pushed out a bunch of (albeit smaller) updates to the site. For the most part you might not notice many changes, although there might be a smaller minority of you out there where this will really help you out. Here's a quick listing of most of these changes.

  • Search now works for special characters, like "web 2.0".
  • RSS is updated to better handle tutorials without thumbnails (like PHP or Ruby tutorials).
  • Tutorials without thumbnails (again, PHP or Ruby tutorials, for example) now get a link on their individual page (ie, the stats, comments, share, etc page). In other words, if you're commenting on a tutorial, you can finally click on the title of the tutorial to view it.
  • Fixed some issues with URLs and special characters on those individual tutorial pages.
  • User profiles now show a healthy limit to your most recent comments.
  • You can check out the number of comments on your tutorials on your tutorial management page in your account.
  • Fixed some small issues with the formatting of a category's name.
  • A cool update for moderators (check out the queue, guys).
  • Some backend refinements to help with the tutorial submission process.
  • The favicon is back in your address bar.

So no, not a bunch of really cool new features, but hopefully this will help make for a smoother experience overall. I'm not just sitting back and relaxing over here. :) Besides which, there'll be plenty of fun stuff coming soon enough.

avatarMissionSix almost 14 years ago

Awesome stuff Zach! I'm actually working hard on my own website and trying to get something sweet going.

avatarwordedwrong almost 14 years ago

Good stuff good stuff :)

avatarTanz almost 14 years ago

Aha so my nagging has got somewhere :) I'll be putting that queue feature to good use. Of course when I get some time to work my way down the queue. AS Level revision and coursework has been getting in the way recently. I'll try to make some time when I can.

avatarDylan almost 14 years ago

The chat is awesome, thanks for making it.

avatarChrisCol 6 months ago

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avatarLucilleM 6 months ago

Im guessing there are more cooler features now than before, right? Seo Not For Hire

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