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Good-Tutorials on Rails

Posted over 13 years ago

It's about that time again for some additions. I'll just go out and admit it- this one's out of selfishness. Good-Tutorials started in PHP, then moved to Java, and it's developed in Ruby on Rails right now. I like Ruby on Rails. I really like it. So I figure, what self-respecting owner of a tutorial website could go without their favorite language and framework listed?

I tried just making a Ruby category and then shoehorning Rails into it (as is the proper way of doing things), but I couldn't seem to make it fit- Ruby's a big topic on its own, and mixing Rails into it really tends to confuse things. For that reason, we're unveiling two new topics today: Ruby, and Ruby on Rails. I'm hoping this will be a very popular section of the site in time, given the strong growth of Ruby on Rails in the web development sector as of late. I have a blast developing my projects in RoR... maybe with some of these tutorials coming you'd like to give it a shot, too. :)

I'll be popping in with a new post in the next few days concerning a few more code updates to the site. Also, if you're still interested in moderating, send in your apps; I'll start approving people as moderators in the next couple of days, too.

avatarsunjester over 13 years ago

excellent. at first when the site opened i was thinkin, "na wont last long" but now its one of my fav rss feeds :P keep it comin man

avatarMartynJ over 13 years ago

Awsome. Can't wait for the RoR category to be filled with tutorials!

avatarTanz over 13 years ago

To think... when the site was just photoshop, I thought there was not much really left that I could learn. Looks like I'll be learning some more from this site after all. :)

avatarErik over 13 years ago

Yay! Lets hope the standards here is kept high.

avatarChris over 13 years ago

If only I could get InstantRails working....

avatarrails over 13 years ago

I just submit 20 tutorials to get your started. ;) More later...

avatarzyrus over 13 years ago

I've loved G-T since I first found it years ago. I never have time to really implement all of the tuts that are showcased but I always use it as a reference. No doubt, if I spent more time practicing, I'd be a guru like a lot of the people that contribute to this site are.

And I think that what you've done to the site is absolutely wonderful. You've taken it to completely new heights. I am a sincerely big fan of yours. I recommend this site to any and all that ask for places online where they can grow in graphics and web design. And now, thank goodness, I can add web development to that!!!

All I gotta say now is, "What's Next?"

Great Job! LOL

avatarAnnMary about 1 month ago

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