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Recruiting some moderators

Posted about 14 years ago

The core of the group of current moderators was recruited from the prior version of Good-Tutorials, when the focus of Good-Tutorials was on Photoshop. As we've now obviously expanded to Flash and PHP (with many more topics in the pipeline), it's become clear that it'd be nice to get some moderators on the team that weren't exclusively Photoshop-oriented.

As I've mentioned before, it's not a terribly huge job; just come on, rate some tutorials, and do this every day or two. For that reason, I'm trying to look for those of you who come on a daily basis anyway- I know there's a bunch of you who are repeat visitors that would like to get access to tutorials earlier than the rest and who wouldn't mind doing the community a bit of service. Through this process we're able to get tutorials listed faster and reviewed better than I used to do alone.

If you're picked, you are probably someone who comes here on a near-daily basis, can exhibit enviable English skills, and are technically inclined towards programming, design, general technology, or otherwise. By the language aspect I mean basically having the ability to determine whether a tutorial is good or not based on how something is written; in my years of reviewing tutorials there is an incredibly high correlation between how well someone writes and whether or not that tutorial is a "good" tutorial.

If you're interested, send me a line at goodness l at l good-tutorials.com with the subject "Moderation", along with your username, any specific area you have a particular interest in, and a one-liner that explains why you should be picked. It's not a huge application process; I just want to find people that are really interested in doing it. I appreciate your time, and look forward to some emails!

avatarDylan about 14 years ago

Glad, you took what i said in to consideration, hope this round goes better for some of those that were not chosen last time. Best of luck to you all.

avatarChris about 14 years ago

Great! I'm starting to get into a more regular moderation feel and I love it!

All GT needs now is a podcast...

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 14 years ago

lol, Good-Tutorialsnation? I could drink beer and ask Kevin Rose to guest star in the first episode.

Thanks for all of the new applicants I've gotten thus far; keep 'em coming!

avatarChris about 14 years ago

Lol Zach....

How about This Week in Good-Tutorials? TWiGT

avatarTanz about 14 years ago

RevisionZ presents The Totally Tutorial Show... Hey it could work... lol

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 14 years ago

Ask a Tutorial Ninja?

avatarChris about 14 years ago


avatarDylan about 14 years ago

"Ask a Tutorial Ninja?" That actually sounds like it would be a pretty humorous podcast. If you make it and need help with something count me in.

avatarhymanbarnes 6 months ago

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avatarLucilleM 5 months ago

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avatarChrisCol 5 months ago

I could be a good recruit haha but this post was way too late. dolomitic lime

avatarLaxi about 1 month ago

Hope you got a great recruits!

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