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Top lists, featured tutorial queue

Posted over 13 years ago

Updates for April 6, 2007 include a new top list and a featured tutorial queue. For the top list, you can now view the top tutorials for a variety of different areas. For tutorials: top comments, clicks, clicks per month, clicks per day, saves, rating. For users: clicks on their tutorials, and number of submitted tutorials.

The top list can be found at:


A commonly-requested feature was to make the wait list for featured tutorials public again. When you click on a "feature this tutorial" link, the possible advertising topics will now have a "next available" line next to them so you can get an idea of when your tutorial will get featured.

Also, a few bug fixes went through, most notably was the bug with usernames having a period in them. So those of you with domain names as your username should have no more issues in that regard any more.

Until next time, have a good one!

avatarthebestguest over 13 years ago

404 file not found

The link for the top list is just a bit messed up.


You can delete my post after you fix it if you want.

avatarLumarin over 13 years ago

@thebestguest The problem is you're trying to get to it from the blog, the link from the blog messes up with:


rather than:


Just click on the link at the left or type that(just above) into your browser. ~Lumarin

avatarthebestguest over 13 years ago

Lumarin - I'm aware. I just thought he'd like to know. No big deal.

avatarLumarin over 13 years ago

thebestguest - Two things, there's a lot of people who don't know how to work computers too well and won't notice the difference, and you hadn't stated what was wrong, you just said a link for the top list is messed up instead of the link from the blog to the top list is messed up...

Yeah, I know, I'm being a little too specific about it, but being specific helps the administrator(s)(in this case zach..) to fix said problem faster. -.-

Like you said, no big deal. Sorry bout that. ~Lumarin

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 13 years ago

Yup, appreciate it; I fixed it yesterday I think. I was just in a hurry earlier when I first blogged about it that I overlooked the link. Should be fixed up now, however.

avatarFilm11 over 13 years ago


Quick question: do you have any idea when the "Forgotten Password" feature will be added? I am an extremely forgetful person unfortunately so I often find myself needing it! :)


avatargarrwilks19 16 days ago

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