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Everything in Moderation

Posted over 8 years ago

While you're off commenting on killer new stuff you'd like to see on Good-Tutorials, I'd also like to pick up a few more moderators for the Upcoming Tutorials queue. Moderators visit tutorials as they come in and rate them accordingly; it's how we generate the front page for you.

To apply, head over to the moderation application spot, include a few lines about yourself and submit- it's a pretty quick and painless process. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure you include your Good-Tutorials username!

In the meantime, you needn't be a full moderator to help out; always feel free to check out the Upcoming Tutorials section, check out the new submissions, and give a few ratings while you're at it.


avatarpeachpittv over 8 years ago

how do you edit submissions?

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 8 years ago

There's no way for authors to edit their submissions at this point.

avatarpinkpig over 8 years ago

Oh, shame- I've just noticed a horrible typo in my recent submission description!

avatarvibetutorials over 8 years ago

coolios, hope this is good as it seems =].

avatarbaanthailand over 8 years ago


avatartutorialstag about 8 years ago

as Airwalk said, the application link is broken. Also i would like if more useful and advanced features to be installed in to good-tutorials.com like all other tutorial directories doing.

avatartinasmith almost 8 years ago

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avatarMengTo over 7 years ago

The moderation application isn't working. I'd love to join as I have experience moderating submissions. Here's my Website: www.shadowness.com/tutorials

We're a community of artists. :)

avatarjoyahills over 7 years ago

It is pleasure a going through your post. I have bookmarked you to check out new stuff from your side.


avatarsescom over 7 years ago



keep it up

avatarsamehadaku almost 7 years ago

why this application does not work ?

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avatarpinkmast3ritza over 6 years ago

Hi. It says it takes up to 24h until my tutorials are either approved or rejected.. I know that people are supposed to vote or at least visit my tutorials but so far only I've visited those links. Pleae do forgive me if I m going off topic here but it's my first time aannd..I'm just being curious. Thanks and good luck with reviewing new submissions. Cheers. Ela.

avatarAmineElIdrissi about 4 years ago


Passed more than 24 hours on the introduction of my tutorials. Where approval? Are there problem?

avatarzentaiclothing over 3 years ago

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avatardl2z12 almost 3 years ago

Good ...


avatargermanmurias512 over 2 years ago

The moderation application isn't working, fix that

avatarthomasholmes about 2 years ago

not bad) not bad, bro ) Thank you for this great information! Good luck!

avatarotsuku about 2 years ago

I just wanna say "Great"!

avatarjuliamerida41 almost 2 years ago

no genial sino Increible!!!

avatarheptagonknacker over 1 year ago

I just wanna say "Great"!

avatarBenGravity over 1 year ago

ohhhh god

avatarstonerkeystone over 1 year ago

god damn

avatargoringroche about 1 year ago


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avatarpillowbedding 12 months ago


avatarchristinemeany 11 months ago

So what to do if 24 hours is coming and your tutorial still not published?

avatargigarefurb 7 months ago

I just wanna say "Great"!

avatargigarefurb 7 months ago

I just wanna say "Great"!

avatarbobflattern 2 months ago

The right decision!

avatarbouncewith 15 days ago


avatararlenekaddy 15 days ago

wow amazing this post i like.

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