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Updating icons

Posted over 10 years ago

So recently I wanted to make a few tweaks to how we handle icons on Good-Tutorials. In true developer spirit, I looked at the code written before the real rise of Paperclip or really even before attachment_fu, got disgusted, and decided to rip out all of that. I moved tutorial icon uploads to Paperclip, and once I did that I figured I'd go the whole way and shift everything to Amazon s3.

This means a few things:

  • I removed a bunch of old custom code, which is awesome.
  • Restrictions on file format are now gone, so we're no longer locked into jpeg for your icons.
  • I can (conceivably) bump up from 40x40 in the future much more easily, so we could get some newer, larger graphics.
  • I'm not tied to a file system, which will almost certainly have an impact on the site's infrastructure, which I'll detail closer to when that particular shift happens.

This does mean that I'm going back and reprocessing all of the tens of thumbnails on the site right now, so you'll see the default Good-Tutorials icon next to tutorials for the next hour or three while we comb through the database. Let me know if you run into any issues other than that.


avatarPepper (moderator)over 10 years ago

great news! Hope everything runs smoothly.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 10 years ago

Ran into a couple unexpected snags post-deploy, but they were easy fixes. :) Server's happily churning away on all the icons now.

avatarLorelei over 10 years ago

Having larger graphic icons will definitely look better, nice move!

avatarboxedart over 10 years ago

How's Amazon working out? Yeah, agreed about the icon size. Time to upgrade from 40x40.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 10 years ago

Quite well. The migration was painless, and the site certainly feels snappier.

Yeah; I'll have to give some thought to any possible upgrades. Previously I'd have to do some rather ugly hacks if I were to bump up; now it's relatively easier. The trick, of course, is to offer some decent hooks for authors to resubmit their tutorials using larger thumbnails. But that can be handled well enough. And I'm saving all pre-resized uploads now, so if you're submitting new tutorials today I can recrop down the line from your original upload to the new format.

How's 900x750 work as a thumbnail for you guys? There'd be SO MUCH RESOLUTION LOL LOL.

avatarPepper (moderator)over 10 years ago

honestly, id be curious to see how larger thumbnails would look. It almost seems like it might be hard to do. Unless you go ahead and limit the number of tutorials on the homepage yet again. Though I wouldn't want it to be like a digg system, as that gets to be about 'how many friends' you have, rather than what content is good.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 10 years ago

Larger thumbnails would just be a slightly larger picture- maybe 60x60 or 75x75, something like that. I'd suspect it wouldn't have a huge impact on the site as a whole, other than just having some nicer imagery.

I don't have any intentions to really go into the digg model of social media here.

avatarPepper (moderator)over 10 years ago

yeah, 60x60, and 75x75 wouldn't be bad. I guess i was picturing it on a much larger scale. I'm sure whatever you decide will look good in the end, good luck with the updates!

avatarLorelei over 10 years ago

Zach, so when can we start uploading larger thumbnails? I think active authors wouldn't mind updating their own tutorials, since this is for their own benefit. I will update mine :D

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 10 years ago

Technically, you already are. If you upload a larger file we save the original so we can always recrop and scale for whenever we do make the switch in the future.

avatarLorelei over 10 years ago

Great, will do bigger than.

Also, if we are talking about updates, I contacted you about a month ago about updating the urls of my old tutorials and sent you a list of tut urls and their ID here, if there is any option for my to do it myself, I can quickly go over the urls without stealing your time. :)

avatarbaanthailand almost 10 years ago

Having larger graphic icons

avatarlenoracooke almost 10 years ago

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avatarBenGravity almost 3 years ago

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