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Looking for Good-Tutorials Moderators

Posted about 11 years ago

The moderation process has been off a little bit as of late; I'd like to fill a number of new moderator positions to get some more feedback on incoming tutorials and to get better accuracy on tutorial submissions.

Moderators get a warm fuzzy feeling of helping improve this site for everyone, they get a little moderator badge whenever they comment on a tutorial or blog post on this site, and they get a link to their website rotated on the main sidebar of every page on Good-Tutorials. (I'm also open to any other ideas you might have to help thank you guys some more, as well.)

If you're interested in helping out, write a quick post on why you want to be a moderator and your qualifications, and I'll be sure to review your submission as soon as I can. Thanks!

avatarJye about 11 years ago

I know i may not have been here at Good Tutorials for all that long but i still would like to try out for a moderator position. I would like the opportunity of joining the staff team of Good Tutorials as it is a topic i adore and i wouldn't mind meeting others who share the same interest as myself.

I generally spend a lot of time online each day due to my other commitments of freelancing as well as a forum i administrate, so there are a lot of periods during the day where i will be able to moderate the tutorials received here.

Being a moderator here would not only be fun but would also be a great way to see a lot more tutorials then i normally would and find many talented people in their chosen field.

I hope to hear back from you soon. Best Regards - Jye Parrington

avatarPepper (moderator)about 11 years ago

i wouldn't mind being apart of the mod team. I always browse the upcoming section and wonder how some of the tutorials get through. I have a pretty good idea of what a good tutorial consist of, so hit me up if you'd like :)

avatarneox about 11 years ago

I'll be more than happy to moderate, i live in India so my timezone will be your night time so i am online that time to moderate, i have done courses on webdesign and web programming.

avatarNelsaidi about 11 years ago

Hey Zach. I've been a long time user of Good Tutorials and enjoyed seeing it evolve, including the introduction of moderation, it being arround for a while, do you know approximatley how long it takes to moderate gt every day? Ie 10 minutes, 15 minutes, etc?

avatarTheUnknown about 11 years ago


I haven't been at Good Tutorials for that long, but i am already trying to contribute to this community hear, and to learner with 2 approved tutorials already in the short time i have been a member on this website. I would love to join the moderation team as i would like to make sure people only get high standard tutorials so they can get the best learning process, which is why people come to good-tutorials.

I am also still in a learning process of designing, so this position would also help me as i would get to develop my skills, which would be a great way for me also to be able to pick out the good tutorials from the bad ones. I have a lot of free time which i also spend a lot of designing now as it has become a hobby, and something i want to do now, so i think this a position of this would be perfect for me, as it would help me with what i love doing, and i would be helping other people out as well.

Overall i would just love to join the team here because i just want to develop my skills, and help other people develop theres in the best possible way by making sure they would only get high class tutorials which would meet the standards Good-Tutorials expect.

Thank you for reading.


avatarjooria about 11 years ago

hi ican be on the php sections

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 11 years ago

For those of you commenting in this thread: go right ahead and start up a thread on help.good-tutorials.com in the appropriate section and we can take it from there. :) (Feel free to just repost what you've written here... I just want to use it to start a conversation between the two of us.)

@Nelsaidi - shouldn't take more than 5-15 minutes a day, depending on if you go through the whole queue, etc. It's not something I want to mandate ("You must commit to xx minutes a day or else!!!!", etc), since it's a volunteer position and everyone's time is valuable, but I'd also appreciate the ability to moderate on a regular basis (every day, every other day, and so on). Let me know in your help.good-tutorials.com post if you have any other questions.

avatarWebMistresss about 11 years ago

I'd love to be a moderator. I've used this site for years and would love to help improve it!

I'm posting a message on help.good-tutorials.com

avatarmostwanted about 11 years ago

I've made a topic at help.good-tutorials.com looking forward for a response. Good-tutorials really needs some moderators, I've reported tutorials that are dead and are still active on this site.

avatarholman (administrator and creator)about 11 years ago

Thanks, everyone; I'm currently going through the stack of applications... you'll be hearing from me soon. As always, if any of you are interested, feel free to post a message to the link above and I'll review your application as well. :)

avatarjamessy almost 11 years ago

3 years ago I decided to try and learn web design and I stumbled across this site and thanks to the all the amazing tutorials I found on photoshop,html, flash and php I am now able to earn a living doing a job I love instead of posting letters lol. Would like to give somethink back

avatarUtralEra almost 11 years ago

Hey Zach, I don't want to have a position such as a moderator I think that is not easy to earn specially when you don't know the other person that well which is me hehehe but I would be happy to help you with anything you might need bud.

If you visit my website I am just starting a design community so I am also following my dreams it is just awesome to see a person like you who is very young to be the owner of such a popular website, I also want to push my goals forward and giving the opportunity I am sure I can begin by truly helping good-tutorials which has helped me a lot in fact I have been here ever since you had a darker brownish layout then you changed to a darker blue and now this new layout which is way more professional hehehehe :).

I love graphic design and been designing for a very long time now hehehehe so I am sure I can help you in that regard bud.

Let me know Zack I would love to help you with your awesome site man and hopefully you approve a tutorial I just submitted hahahaha Take care bud!!!! :)

avatarTXLANS over 10 years ago

I'm awesome. :)

avatarriantpl over 10 years ago

well i can do this for free iam great in this

avatarjasonbleinel over 10 years ago

Hi there. My name is Francesco and I'm Italian. I'm following Good-Tutorials since 2 years. I've been Administrator and Moderator for maXss.it, a graphic portal, with many tutorials. I took my degree in Interpreting and Translation, so if you need some help in Italian... Usually I'm connected 24h/24h and I have some spare time to help you out. I'd like to help you because I love following graphic tutorials and this website is absolutely fantastic! Greetings!

Francesco aka Jason

avatarfederer38 over 10 years ago

I am admin of many sites like mobidhoom.com and others it will be a privilege for me to become moderator.

avatarpseudonymus over 10 years ago

Hello there... Im a part of Good-Tutorials,by submitting my tuts here and Im improving my skills every day because of the high standards of tuts presented here. I would love to help you,Zack and I want to thank you because the majority of my websites visitors are from Good-Tutorials.

I spend all my time watching tutorials and learning graphic design and I know if a tut is just good or good for Good-Tutorials.

I would love to take part at Good-Tutorials development.My time is your time!

Thank You! Madalin Tudose

avatarWaasys over 10 years ago

I'd like to be a moderator! I have enough time for this.

avatarkategra over 10 years ago

Hello Zach,

I think I would get along with this community. I am keeping an eye on Good-tutorials for a long time now. GT has something that distinguish it from other similar sites but I don't really know what. :)

So, I am a 22 year old guy, just started my freelancing career. I am involved in a private torrent tracker (forum mod, helper, up-loader, designer) and I "moderate" my own blog as well.

My skills in graphic design/web design should cover most of the tutorials submitted here.

So, if you consider my "application" don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and good day! Bogdan Pop

avatarBenGravity almost 3 years ago


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