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Let's make things faster

Posted over 11 years ago

Just a quick update to touch base with you all again: last night I rolled out a number of tweaks, optimizations, and updates aimed to reduce response time on the site. An informal monitoring of the site over the subsequent 24 hours or so points towards load on the server being anywhere from a half to a quarter of what it typically is. Savings like that mean that there should be a more consistent load profile; in the past the site has been able to run pretty fast, but it would get bogged down during high traffic and become noticeably slower.

For those of your interested, I turned to god to solve a chunk of these problems. god makes it rather easy to keep on top of out-of-control processes. So far, haven't seen any issues with god that I've seen with monit, so that's certainly a plus.

One last thing: as I mentioned on twitter, I'll be releasing some nifty new functionality in the coming days that you might be interested in trying out. Keep an eye here on the blog or follow me on twitter to be the first to know when it gets released.

avatarCleardetails over 11 years ago

i always wondered why this site loads so slow for me... but its good now. good job zach!

avatarsedFEIS over 11 years ago

good work zach :)

avatarPepper (moderator)over 11 years ago

now lets make ads work... everytime i want to purchase an ad it says, "something broke".

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 11 years ago

Pepper- try it again now; you had a bad bit of data that was mucking things up.

avatarPepper (moderator)over 11 years ago

thanks zach! Its been like that since the beginning of the latest launch. I just figured everyone had that problem :)

avatarBenGravity almost 3 years ago

Yeah) Let's go)

avatarmuryan 7 months ago

Can I somehow optimize my thejingstock.com? Thank you in advnce

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