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Contest: Win a Flash and PHP book!

Posted over 11 years ago

Want to pick up a free book on PHP and Flash? Lucky you; we're giving away three copies of Matthew Keefe's Flash and PHP Bible.

The goal of this "contest" is to make it easy for you to win. You don't have to be a Photoshop genius and paint a ridiculous illustration, you need not be a CSS guru, or even a Rails rockstar. There's plenty of other contests to join if you are. If you're running through tutorials, learning, applying yourself, and growing through the process, then this contest is for you.

The Contests

Simple rules to this. Sign up for an account if you haven't already, and give it a shot:

  • Best commenter I'll be keeping track of comments through the course of the contest. The person with the most insightful or helpful comment on a tutorial wins. Did you enjoy that tutorial? Is there anything the author of the tutorial left out? Is there anything the author did really well? Do you have any results to show off after going through the tutorial? Is there anything you can add to the conversation that might help out other users who read the tutorial? This contest will be won by the user wit the most admirable comments during the contest.
  • Random commenter If you comment on Good-Tutorials at all during the contest period, you're automatically a potential winner of this one. The more comments you make, the greater the chance you'll be randomly pulled as the winner. (Within reason, of course; it's pretty easy to spot spam, which unfortunately is a no-no. Just stick to the topic at hand, offer some helpful feedback or other comment, and you'll do fine.)
  • Random rater Another goal is to try and get more people involved with tutorial ratings; the more people who rate tutorials, the more accurate our ratings are for everyone to view. Same sort of idea as the random commenter contest; by all means, rate away, but randomly spamming the site is pretty easy to spot, so don't do it. A fantastic place to start is the upcoming tutorials section; not only will you get your ratings counted for the contest, but you'll help us pick which tutorials are good enough for the front page.

The Prize

For each of the three mini-contests mentioned above, we're giving the winner a copy of Matthew Keefe's Flash and PHP Bible. It covers some rich interactive topics for using Flash and PHP together, tackling it from a by-example point of view (which tends to work best for me, personally).

The Rules

Just want to run a quick and simple contest, so I'll just say this: have fun, and be respectful. As I said, it's pretty easy to notice if you suddenly rate 20,000 tutorials in one day. ;)

I'd like for this to work out quite simply for both you and for me; I already have a few other books from other publishers lined up for future contests if this goes well. This contest ends at the end of day Friday, December 5, 2008, Pacific Time. Gives you about a week and a half to go at it. Not too short, not agonizingly long. Have at it, and feel free to comment below if you have any comments or questions (it'll even count towards your comment count in the contest!)

avatarannamarsh almost 2 years ago

Trying to analyze PHP for a website I'm building. I don't have any enjoy in PHP but am fluent in HTML. So some distance enjoys the O'Reilly https://www.essayace.co.uk/ books. Can a person please advise a great introductory PHP ebook in addition to, doubtlessly, an intermediate one?

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