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Need help?

Posted about 10 years ago

Like a few others this week, Good-Tutorials is going the trendy route and is going to give Tender a shot for support-related issues. It's a new app in private beta from ENTP that helps tie in support-related requests into Lighthouse, their issue tracking app.

It's going to take the same place as how we were using Lighthouse for both bugs you spot and for any feature requests you might have. In addition — and something that I'm really looking forward to — they have a separate area for FAQs and support-related articles. I plan on writing up a more comprehensive article on tutorial submission guidelines soon, so for you authors out there with an ambiguous idea of what we're looking for in a tutorial this should help clarify things. I'll also be adding a few other FAQs for users, too, so you might want to drop in and take a peek over the next few days.

You can submit new issues (without even needing to create an account!) at:


avatarkoepaard almost 10 years ago

I was just wonderinh when tutorials make it to the frontpage/get added to "my tutorials". Since one f my tuts is added to "my utorials" with only 2.5 rating while another with a 3 rating isn't after more than 2 days. When do tutorials get accepted?

avatarholman (administrator and creator)almost 10 years ago

Usually within a day, but sometimes we hold off on moderating them until we have enough ratings.

avatarvirginia12 over 1 year ago

I also simply wondering when instructional exercises make it to the frontpage/get added to "my instructional exercises". Since one f my tuts is added to "my tutorials" with just 2.5 rating while another with a 3 rating isn't after over 2 days. Thank you so much for your instructions. https://usawriters.org/

avatarLarajohnson over 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing and hope to get more tutorials over here

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