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Second round of moderators

Posted over 13 years ago

I'm really pleased with how the initial batch of moderation is going; we're getting good tutorials to the front page and we're skipping over a lot of the less-than-good tutorials. With that said, though, I want to increase the scope of things a bit, particularly since there really is a lot of tutorials coming in and I want to give each a solid chance of review. For those of you who applied on the original call-for-moderators post, check your email again; there's a subset of you that might have gotten an invite to moderating now.

If you still didn't get an invite or if you're interested in serving as a moderator in the future and never got the chance to apply, sit tight; later down the line I might be asking for more volunteers, particularly when there's more and more topics getting added. For the time being, though, I think there'll be a relatively good-sized amount here.

avatarEli over 13 years ago

Could you give us a rough estimate of how many moderators there is now? Say, 20-50?

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 13 years ago

Approximately 3-300. ;)

avatarJick over 13 years ago

Hey Zach. I just wanted to apologize for not doing a lot in the way of moderating lately. My sister just had her baby so as you can imagine I've been quite busy the last few days. I will be moderating more once things calm down. Sorry for my slacking...

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 13 years ago

Oh don't worry about it... congrats on the new addition to the family! Babes > tutorials, always.

avatarSasaVtec over 13 years ago

Sorry, I know its off topic, but I have been noticing ads to adult dating sites, etc.... I know adult ads pay well, but is this going to be on forever, or is there a way to filter them?

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 13 years ago

I'm still going through growing pains, so to speak, with the new ad setup. It's not quite how I'd like it yet, and there's still a possibility that I'll just drop it and revert back to how I had it before. I'll look into filtering out more of those types of ads, too.

avatarSasaVtec over 13 years ago

If your in need of more moderators, or something else, would love to join up, my day job is online so on most of the time.

avatarwordedwrong over 13 years ago

Is it possible to filter out Flash tutorials in the mod page? This should be added =)

avatarMartynJ over 13 years ago

Hey Zach, I have not been a very good mod over the past day or so sorry. I have been busy. I shall get ok with it this week tho :)

avatarciaika over 13 years ago

hi Zach, I want to be a moderator, where I need to apply. thank you.

avatarGesiwuj over 13 years ago

Just finished work on a huge web project... should have more time for moderation soon!

avatarairb0rne over 13 years ago

hi Zach, I want to join in moderator group ...

avatargoldmember over 13 years ago

Hey people, and hello zach, I have rated some tutorials etc.. must say very happy with the way things are going.

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