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Bug fixes ahoy!

Posted over 11 years ago

Just pushed a lot of bug fixes to the main site: lots of issues with legacy-related changes (new URLs and so on), added a few speed-related issues, cached a few longer-running queries, and so on. Also have been catching up with some backlogged emails and other administrative details. All in all, just pushing for some more stability and reliability on the site. The site can be pretty speedy most of the time, but I know at higher loads during the day it can get a little bit more sluggish, so that's somethin I'll continue to work on.

While we're on the bug fixing topic, for those of you with Rails-based sites, definitely give Hoptoad a crack. Makes sleuthing around for these exceptions a heck of a lot easier, and it's really not too difficult to plug into an existing app.

It's also another good time to mention the Good-Tutorials Lighthouses again. If you have any bugs that you found or if you have any feature requests, definitely post it up on our Lighthouse. I'll get cracking on new features again here shortly, now that the site's acting pretty predictably well, so now's the time to ask.

View existing bugs and feature requests.

avatarKristopher over 11 years ago

The site seems to be quite fast. Great work. If I think of any feature suggestions I will post them in the Lighthouse.


avatarbeaner15 over 11 years ago

I want to start by saying "I love GT!" I'm pretty new so this might be a dumb question but with the new version I can't save tutorials I like. When I click on the save button it takes me to the comment section. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

avatarholman (administrator and creator)over 11 years ago

beaner15: That shouldn't be happening; sorry for the apparent bug there. If you could, please file a bug report with some more details on your browser and operating system and I'll look into it further. Thanks!

avatarbeaner15 over 11 years ago

Thanks zach. I was using an older version of IE so I updated it and evrything is working fine again. Keep up all the great work!

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