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We're still standing

Posted over 12 years ago

A few days later and things are starting to — dare I say — run smoothly.

I just wanted to recap some of the fun new things that have been pushed live since the new version itself has been pushed live:

  • I just moved Good-Tutorials onto a larger slice at Slicehost. I know things have been rough as of late; there have been times where things have been really quick, and there have been times were things have slowed to an abslute crawl. I spent some time yesterday concentrating solely on performance improvements, which went well, and with tonight's capacity increase it should be pretty quick from this point on. We'll know more as the week progresses.
  • A few notable bugs have been fixed, including Firefox and IE woes with tutorial submission, RSS errors on the main feed, and the new automated billing system. There's plenty of smaller bugs to tackle, of course, but luckily they're decreasing in severity.
  • RSS feeds are up and running, and I just added the RSS feed for these blog posts. Another interesting page you might want to check out from time to time is the comments page (RSS link).

As a reminder, you can report bugs and request new features at the new Good-Tutorials Lighthouse:

http://good-tutorials.lighthouseapp.com/projects/17210-bugs (bugs)

http://good-tutorials.lighthouseapp.com/projects/17883-features (feature)

avatarPepper (moderator)over 12 years ago

looking good, happy to see things are getting done fairly quickly

avatarmostwanted over 12 years ago

Very nice I'm loving the new look and the new Features

avatarCrypticWriter over 12 years ago

Great stuff. I'm looking forward to the next crop of awesome tutorials. Thank you.

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avatarelijah33501 7 months ago

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avatarkeera1508 6 months ago

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avatarzaneroundtree 6 months ago

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avatarjoshuawhite 4 months ago

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avatarjhonny022117 3 months ago

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