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Grab a free Photoshop book

Posted over 11 years ago

Okay, I'll admit it. Tutorials are great... they're usually free, straightforward, open for support from the author, and are bite-sized help in learning a new topic, but there's also something to be said for more traditional routes of learning. Books, for example, let you get a more in-depth look at what you're studying, and they can be a real help in getting a more comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand. So yes, the owner of the leading tutorial website fully endorses books, too! (Though in conjunction with a healthy dose of online tutorials, naturally.)

So, with that said, I'll recommend one more thing to you: SitePoint is releasing their Photoshop book in digital form for free for thirty days. Since Good-Tutorials has some deep Photoshop roots (we were Photoshop-only for years, of course), there are a lot of people here that would benefit from this. I actually have the dead tree version of the book, too, which I'm quite happy with. I actually have a number of SitePoint books in my bookshelf: the JavaScript Anthology, DHTML Utopia, the PHP Anthology, and the Photoshop Anthology. (I read their first book before it went to press too.) Needless to say, I think they write good stuff, and if you're in the market for a good, free Photoshop book, you might want to look at this one before you have to buy it in a couple weeks.

Disclaimer: While I stand by everything I wrote and I am a happy consumer of SitePoint books, SitePoint is an advertiser on Good-Tutorials.

avatarChris over 11 years ago

I've downloaded this but I'm still going to buy it. There's something nice to owning a physical copy of good quality reference books for your shelf.

Greate business model - wouldn't buy it if it wasn't for this download :)

avatar[Neo] over 11 years ago

It is still downloading but a 64MB PDF probably is pretty content-dense. This will be a nice read.

Thanks making a post about this Zach.

-Neo NeoGT Administrator

avatarkmounabhor about 4 years ago

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