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Regarding JavaScript alerts

Posted almost 11 years ago

Some of you might have been hit with a JavaScript alert box on every page load at Good-Tutorials for about twenty minutes this afternoon or so. It had a really stupid message in it.

Long story short, it wasn't my doing, but it was my responsibility. The alerts came from Snaptalent, a startup that was running the job ads on the sidebar the last day or two. They tossed the code into their JavaScript include, but it's still my responsibility that such mind-boggling annoyance isn't on the site. As such, I've removed their ads from Good-Tutorials and you won't see this problem again.

In other news, there'll likely be a few additions and announcements this week—new topics added, vague talk about the next version, and so on. Stay tuned. :)

avatarPrateekSaxena almost 11 years ago

Such an ugly way to advertise, alerts onLoad...ulgghh

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