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Promoting Photography

Posted over 13 years ago

"Photography" was a relative newcomer to the Photoshop section on Good-Tutorials. It's a good chance that if you're a Photographer, you probably use Photoshop too, after all.

Since then, we've expanded from just Photoshop to a number of different topics. Photography has always been a bit neglected by being cordoned off under Photoshop. That's no longer the case; we've just moved those tutorials into their very own Photography section. Right now everything is filed away under the category of "basics", so bear with us while we go in and reevaluate each Photography tutorial and move them into their proper new categories.

In the meantime... if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see next, sound off in the comments. Have a good one!

avatarcoolalex over 13 years ago

Good thinking Zach!

avatarcwashington over 13 years ago

It would be cool to see the following sections: Premier, Flex, .Net, SQL, ToonBoom and Games.

avatarCleardetails over 13 years ago

thats a nice upgrade for that topic :)

avatarcrimsonverbs over 12 years ago

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avatarkeera1508 about 1 year ago

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avatarAnnMary about 1 year ago

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