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Good-Tutorials goes Java

Posted almost 13 years ago

As sunjester mentioned in a previous post a few days ago, it's been awhile since we've added new sections to Good-Tutorials. It's true; we've been vamping on the same basic topics for awhile, so we're adding a new topic today: Java Tutorials.

For those of you who have been around for awhile, you might recall that Good-Tutorials ran on Java for a good year and a half or two, so we're happy to have the language on Good-Tutorials now. More sections will be on the way; post a comment or shoot me an email (zach@) if you have any specific suggestions on what you'd like to see next on Good-Tutorials.

avatarLevelDesign almost 13 years ago

Very nice, that's section i'd like to see good-tutorials in ^^.

avatarCleardetails almost 13 years ago

Thats nice and theres already some tutorials in there :)

avataragilius almost 13 years ago

cool! I was thinking that it would be nice for me to learn some java sometime, seems I will since I visit goodtuts daily now :D

avatarTb-one.se almost 13 years ago

Nice nice!

PS: Wouldn't it be better to rename "3ds Max" to something like just "3D", cause many people also uses Maxon Cinema(including me) and other 3d programs. It should make that section bigger...

avatarholman (administrator and creator)almost 13 years ago

Somewhat, although the problem there is that you run into tutorials that aren't for your particular piece of software. The solution, of course, is to just add more topics, which is something we'll continue to do in the future.

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